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Danie Goosen Picture

Danie Goosen holds three degrees:



Advanced Taxation Certificate


Admitted as Attorney in Botswana & South Africa:


Professional Bodies and Other

Member of Law Society of the Northern Provinces

Member of LPC & LSB


Range of Experience

  • Practicing as Attorney since 1991

  • Chairman - Tax Board

  • Director of Amatrix Developments (Pty) Ltd – key role in developing Pilane Crossing, a 10 000m2 Shopping Centre in BOTSWANA

  • Director of Mbgwaa (Pty) Ltd t/a BotswanaConnect – assisting RSA investors in Botswana

  • Director of Swiss Africa Botswana (Pty) Ltd – key role in estate and tax planning for RSA citizens and Batswana, and facilitating and sourcing project funding.

Other professional bodies

  • Commissioner of Small Claims Court:

Appointed in 1999 by Minister of Justice to adjucate civil cases of less than R15,000.00

Presiding at least once a month or more

  • Registered with South African Revenue Services as Tax Practitioner

  • Chairman of the Tax Board:

Appointed by Minister of Finance in 2003 up to 2018 to adjucate tax cases where the tax in dispute does not exceed R700,000.00

  • Member of FISA


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